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This is a guide to know all about Air Purifiers.

What are AirPurifiers and Why are they needed? What are different type of filters and which one to use when is all mentioned below. Go through Technology section to understand that which air purifier you should be using for your specific needs. Once you have read this you will be in better position to understand which Purifier to buy.

What are Air Purifiers?

Why do You Need an Air Purifier?

What is Asthma?

What are allergies?

Why to use Air Purifiers for Asthma?

Why to use Air Purifiers for Allergies?

Why to use Car Air Purifiers?

Technology Section

What is HEPA Filter Technology?

What is Activated Carbon Technology


What are Air Purifiers ?

                  Are you wondering about odor problems that might drive you crazy anywhere? Are you wondering how to protect your family and yourselves against the air pollution in India? And are you struggling with daily worrisome about potential risks that might be caused by drinking water? Here is the website providing all necessary information about one of the best solutions for all – A purifier! And if you’d like to purchase a purifier, or look for A-Z guide for purifiers, Don’t Miss!

Air pollution is a popular topic for anyone who cares about people health and environment. Due to massive industrialization and the population explosion, the number of harmful pollutants has grown as well. There is lead, sulfurous oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon mono-oxide, benzene, toluene and particulate matter in the air!

Let’s face it, in today’s world, the climate has become extremely unsafe and unhealthy. The number of deaths due to climate issues are increasing every day. Air pollution kills 9 million people in the world every year!

How about in India?

As reported in 2017, air pollution caused to the deaths of more than 1.2 million Indians each year.

The concentration of Fine Particulate matter, as known as tiny particulate matter (PM2.5) in India is eight times higher than the World Health Organization’s standard.Obviously, whenever we hear “air pollution” clue, we might think of outside elements, such as industrial waste, the smog of vehicles…etc.HOWEVER, you will get shocked when hearing that: “the air in your home is more polluted than outside”, reported by many research these days.

Allergens, asthma and damp air in house due to sealed structure of modern housing society are also the causes for health. Especially, when you have some kids at home. Our little babies may suffer from allergies and asthma which can be aggravated and possibly triggered by chemicals and airborne particles.

Last but not least, many types of chemicals such as plastics, dry cleaning, pesticides, flame retardants, on-tick surfaces, stain resistant fabrics, and other personal hygiene products or appliances can be off-gassing chemicals and toxic dust into our lovely houses.

Hence, if you are living in cities and spending mostly 90 percent of time indoors, it’s time for you to think about indoor air pollution. Luckily, people tend to search for a solution called air purifiers nowadays. To look for the Best air purifiers) now is the time for you to understand what it is.

An Air purifier is a device helps to remove contaminants from the air and improve indoor air quality.

How does it work?

 The system of internal fans takes responsibility in pulling and transferring the indoor air through a series of filters to remove harmful elements such as dust, pollen or bacteria

After that, the air purifier will circulate the purified air back into the room.

The process will be repeated several times per hour, to provide you a healthy environment.

Why to use Air Purifiers?

Globally 45% of the population spends on Air Purifier, reason being awareness of the cause of asthma and allergy.Scientific study has shown that Purifiers have helped in reducing the percentage of asthma and allergy in major population.Air is abundantly available in our lives, yet the struggle for breath and struggle for allergy free life proves the necessity of proper utilization of this abundance

Main reasons for air contamination:

  1. Lack of free flow of fresh air
  2. Closed windows
  3. Closed curtains
  4. closed doors
  5. Retaining Smoke
  6. Retaining of steam
  7. Accumulation of dust
  8. House being closed for longer periods during vacation.

The air outside feels more fresh than the air inside because of the free flow. With the rising pollution, it becomes impossible to open the windows and curtains, hence accumulation of mold, moisture and dust takes place in the house leading to allergies.

The damp smell in the house or store shows how closed environment causes air to contaminate. Anything that flows is a sign of health. Flowing blood inside body is a sign of health. Flowing river is a sign of abundant water, Similarly flowing air is a sign of freshness and healthy environment.

Air conditioners and Heaters circulate the same air within the house.

Loved Pets have fur all around. Pollens enter the house through windows and doors and settle on carpets and upholstery of sofas leading to allergies.

Top 5 reasons to buy an Air Purifier:

    1. Its insurance of clean air providing
    2. Air purifiers can remove unpleasant smells such as fried fish, burnt food, spoiled eggs…
    3. Air purifiers can trap airborne allergens from pets.
    4. One of the biggest problems of having a pet is pet dander, fur and other airborne allergens released into the air in your house, even the pet smells! Air purifiers can combat these allergens by trapping them before they settle into your home.
    5. Air purifiers can trap dust, neutralize smoke
    6. They can remove up to 99 percent of airborne bacteria, combat seasonal allergens, prevent sickness or germs spreading
    7. They can stop Runny or stuffy nose, frequent sneezing, control asthma, cure allergies and reduce fatigue, lethargy. 

Quality of Air

We breathe about 12Kg of air per day and spend 80% percent of our time indoors, without realizing that the indoor air quality has become a cause of concern due to pollution caused by smoking, scented candles, cleaning products, pressed wood material, paints, varnish, glue etc. This contamination may be more visible in winter but it exists throughout the year aggravating allergies and asthma prevalence and symptoms and sometimes even serious health hazards. So, in order to combat nasty irritants and make your home a safer place to be you must get an air purifier for home.

Humidity and mold

There are humid areas in India where humidity rises with temperature and there are also homes in cities with lack of free flowing air, tightly closed windows and doors for security purposes or to get rid of some odor or pollution. The reason can be numerous for damp air inside the house, so then you should be reading Best Air Purifiers for mold article to get rid of mold in your house and consequently you will get rid of odor too.

Smoke and Asthma

If there is a lot of smoke in your home coming from outside or generating inside home itself via kitchen or cigarettes then you can refer to our page Best Air Purifier for Smoke. And if anyone in your family has Asthma then you should be going through our Buying Guide to know All about Air Purifiers and Best Air Purifier for Asthma


Cars are a place where you need Air Purifiers too because AC in the car circulates same polluted air causing lung inflammations. Car Air Purifiers have become integral part of lifestyle these days.

Tight budget

If your budget is tight the you can go for cheap air purifiers. Here is a list of Best Cheap air purifiers. Best air Purifiers in Delhi in cheap prices are listed here. Hope the list of best cheap air purifiers in India below 12000 helps you in taking the right decision. And if your budget is variable then you can find Air purifiers withing budget by clicking here

What is Asthma ?

Asthma is Greek word for “panting or short breath”. It is an allergic condition resulting from reaction of allergens. An asthma patient gets frequent attacks of breathlessness in between when he may be completely normal.

Causes and Symptoms :

Difficulty in breathing out rather than breathing in. This is caused by spasms or sudden involuntary muscular contractions of smaller air passages in the lungs. The effect is to blow the lungs up because one cannot drive the air out of lungs. Most asthmatics have breathing problem in the night or early morning.

Asthma is mostly caused by weather conditions, air, allergens, perfumes and other irritants.

Allergies to dust is most common.

Foods to avoid Asthma :

Foods which generally cause allergic reactions are fish, sea food, wheat , eggs, milk, chocolates, beans.

Psychological effect :

Most of the asthmatics have psychological conditions and develop deep sense  of emotional security. Young asthmatics feel deep intense need of parental love and affection.

Facts in short :

Do you know that India has an estimated 1.5-2 crore asthmatics and 61% of expenditure is on medication itself. Pills and inhalers and various procedures. The sales of anti-asthma medicines in India went up 43% over the past four years.

Home Remedies :

  1. Honey : 1 or 2 tablespoons of honey in milk or water daily can thin the mucus and help in respiration. Inhaling the air coming out of honey jar filled with honey can give one hour relief.
  2. Fig : For two months daily clean 3-4 dried figs and soak in water overnight. Have them early in the morning empty stomach.
  3. Lemon : Take lemon juice mixed with water along with meals to get good results
  4. Ginger : A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction and honey to taste acts as an excellent expectorant for asthma. The decoction can be made by mixing fenugreek seeds (methi dana in hindi) with water and honey. Take this twice in a day – morning and evening
  5. Mustard oil : During attack if mustard oil mixed with camphor is massaged on the back then it eases breathing
  6. Copper vessel : Drink water kept in copper vessel overnight.


Diet should include limited quantity of carbohydrates , fats and proteins which are acid forming foods. You should eat more of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, sprouted seeds and grains. You should avoid rice,sugar,curd and lentils. You should also avoid tea, coffee, pickle and sauces.

Nature :

Air, sun and water are great healing agents. Regular fasting once a week, regular breathing exercise, correct posture, dry climate, light exercise go a long way in curing asthma.

Smoke and Asthma

If there is a lot of smoke in your home coming from outside or generating inside home itself via kitchen or cigarettes then you can refer to our page Best Air Purifier for Smoke. And if anyone in your family has Asthma then you should be going through our Buying Guide to know All about Air Purifiers and Best Air Purifier for Asthma

What are allergies ?

Approximately 20% to 30 % of total population in India suffers from at least one allergic disease. Out of this, about 15% develop Asthma. Urban children have higher prevalence with male predominance.

Allergies lead to constant inconvenience in life once affected. Followed by medication process to get rid of the symptoms which eventually suppress the symptoms only to face it once again at some point of time.

You can get rid of allergies naturally too, by pouring drops of saline water in your nasal passage. You can also get rid of seasonal allergies by doing some breathing exercises early morning in the fresh air outside.

If you are living in highly humid area, then try using dehumidifier and you will be surprised to see the balance of humidity in the air and feeling of suffocation going away.

Another way is opening the doors of your wardrobe and giving lot of fresh air and even sun to the clothes in your wardrobe. Once in a while just keeping carpets , sofas and clothes in bright sun help in getting rid of pollens.

Allergies can be controlled by cleaning up the clutter in the house

Cleaning Carpet with HEPA filter in Vaccum Cleaner once a week

Have air purifying indoor plants in the house


Why to use Air Purifiers for Asthma ?

Air Purifiers are a big relief for Asthma. 8 out of 10 patients have seen a considerable cure in Asthma symptoms after installing purifiers in their room. Many people have witnessed attacks being reduced tremendously due to Air Purifiers.

Air Purifiers help because the they eradicate the very reason which aggravates the Asthma. And that reason is Smoke, pollen, dust mites, pet allergens and mold

Air Purifier basically takes in the air – removes dust, allergens, pollen and bacteria and gives out fresh air thus purifying air around you. It is as simple as that. It also removes unpleasant odor, allergens released by pets, neutralize smoke, combat seasonal allergies.

You should go for True HEPA filters if symptoms of asthma are prominent.

HEPA =  High Efficiency Particulate Air

True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles with size less than 0.02 micron. And we use same for Asthma.

True HEPA filter remove Dust, Pollen,smoke,Dust mites,Lint,Odor,Mold,Pet dander thus not allowing asthma to trigger

Smoke and Asthma

If there is a lot of smoke in your home coming from outside or generating inside home itself via kitchen or cigarettes then you can refer to our page Best Air Purifier for Smoke. And if anyone in your family has Asthma then you should be going through our Buying Guide to know All about Air Purifiers and Best Air Purifier for Asthma


Why to use Air Purifiers for Allergies ?

  1. Dust Dust mites once entered the house, remain in the air for 20 to 25 minutes. Then they settle down on carpets or upholstery and in India while cleaning those dust particles on bed, sofa, chairs, carpets again are passed into air. Thus they tend to remain for longer time in the house.
  2. Same is the case with dog antigen , cat antigen, mold or cockroaches
  3. Gasses released by cigarette smoke, furnitures, Paints, Machines such as Regrigerator, Oven, Microwaves, cleaning supplies, and dry-cleaned clothes can also lead to symptoms of “sick building syndrome,” like headaches and fatigue.
  4. Pollens and Mold in some areas contribute to allergic diseases like skin allergies, or constant sneezing
  5. Survey says, lung diseass are related to common allergies caused due to above all.

What are Car Air Purifiers ?
& Top Reasons to buy them

Do you love your car and love fresh smells, too? Do you want to breathe fresh and safe air and keep your family members, especially children safe from pollution? Let’s READ this article.

We know that you’ve done many good things for yourself and your family. You bought a nice car, you tried to maintain it, you cleaned it! But do you know how to clean it properly? Do you remove the harmful bacteria and pollutants floating in the interiors of your car? Actually, you cannot see and remove all of them. But the car purifier does.

Why should I buy a car air purifier?

  • A Car air purifier helps to create negative ions

A car purifier is a small device that emits millions of negative ions into the atmosphere of your car.

When it comes to ions, negative is a positive thing! Yes, that’s right! Negative ions latch onto the millions of invisible dust and smoke particles inside your car and drop them to the floor! As a result, you and your family members never have to breathe toxic substances.

  • Car air purifier eliminates harmful substances

Due to massive industrialization and the population explosion, you have simply bought a car and believed that is all that is needed is simply not enough for protecting from pollutions. Yes, you may not be exposed to the smoke outside, but that does not mean you are safe! Smoke, pollutants, dust particles enter and leave your car through the windows and the doors! Whenever you open and shut the doors to enter or leave your vehicle, you allow the outside air to come in.

Let’s face it, in today’s world, the climate has become extremely unsafe and unhealthy. The number of deaths due to climate issues are increasing every day. Pollution kills 9 million people every year! Factories are pumping out dangerous chemicals into the air. The number of cars on the road has grown dramatically! Plus, there’s not only that. The number of harmful pollutants has grown as well. There is lead, sulfurous oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon mono-oxide, benzene, toluene and particulate matter in the air! No matter where you live, it is still there. And it is in extremely unsafe amounts in big cities! These contaminants secretly enter your car and make its interior very toxic, especially due to the air conditioning as the air conditioner recirculates the air inside the vehicle and keeps the contaminants there instead of removing them!

That is why we need a car air purifier to trap all harmful substances and circulate fresh and healthy air.

  • A car air purifier removes allergens and odors

Furthermore, it also kills all the bad smells and foul odors that may have come into your car. Maybe you have kids who enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Or perhaps you own a dog or a cat. Sometimes, these cute lovely creatures can get sweaty.

So, a car purifier makes perfect sense for all situations and circumstances for successfully remove odors and bad smells.

Cars are a place where you need Air Purifiers too because AC in the car circulates same polluted air causing lung inflammations. We have Best Car Air Purifiers researched and reviewed as it has become integral part of lifestyle these days.

Final sayings,

Now you have known how to get rid of air pollution, bad smells and harmful substances in your car. Get a car purifier now and let your friends and family know that you care about them and yourself!



What is HEPA Filter Technology?

HEPA is a technology used to filter air particles. HEPA filters trap particles larger than 0.3 microns. We can see particles that are larger than 10 microns; so particles that are caught in HEPA filter like chemicals, viruses and bacteria cannot be seen to us. HEPA filters trap mold as well. They do not generate ozone or other harmful by products hence they are safe

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

The HEPA filter is a very very fine fabric that is folded multiple times and used in Air Purifiers so that it creates a mesh of fibre. So the airflow through it becomes hard but the fan speed pushes air through the filter thus trapping the invisible particles inside and leaving clean air outside. When the number of particles increase inside the filter, so much so that it is not able to push clean air outside, then its time to change the filter. I feel it’s a good sign to change filter since we understand that how much impure air we have been living in. You do not have to worry about changing filters frequently because HEPA filters last ranging from 6 months to 4 years too, depending on which area you are staying and using it

Large particles do get caught immediately but smaller particles take 2-3 turns through the filter to be caught.

Air gets filtered in 3 stages –

  1. Inception – Particles come within the radius
  2. Impaction – Large particles get caught
  3. Diffusion – Smallest particles get caught and collide with gases

HEPA filters cannot remove odours, chemicals or gases.

So Companies use Carbon material in their Air Purifiers to absorb odors and gases.

There are many HEPA Filter technology Air Purifiers under Budget reviewed and compared to help you take decision.DO have a look at them too.

What is Activated Carbon Technology?

What is Activated Carbon Technology ?

When carbon is processed to become extremely porous and cover larger area, then that is called Activated carbon technology. This technology is not by defailt used by HEPA filters. SO Air Purifier companies use this technology to manufacture Air Purifiers for removing troublesome Odors

If you ask me, When I had purchased my new office, it was in a brand new building and the smell of paint bothered my eyes so much so that I couldn’t even open my eyes without feeling burning sensation in my eyes. I got rid of that smell by using Carbon Technology enabled Air Purifier. I was doubtful it would work since I thought chemicals are not affecting my throat so probably its not gases that I am inhaling but when it really purified the air inside my office and I could start working in it without disturbing eyes, I decided to write about this technology.

In olden days carbon used to used to filter water, which is used even today in air filters ofcourse. But no one had thought it would help in removing odors too. It was discovered later on that masks made of carbon protected people from Pollution and soldiers from harmful gases. Isn’t that interesting ?

Activated carbon filters are made of molecular sized pores. They have high absorbent ability. That’s why they capture gases, odors, chemical emissions and tobacco smoke. Once caught are caught not to send back again in air.

There is a term called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in medicine. I personally have that. MCS people absorb formaldehyde quickly and fall sick. Formaldehyde is found in House cleaning liquids, Bathroom cleaning agents, paint, wood paneling and polishes, carpets, upholstery. And when babies are MCS, then they get affected by Asthma because of prolonged exposure.

Many people might think Dust is the main cause of allergy or Pollens and Pet dander, But Bad Odor is equally big reason for many people to fall sick. Many have been diagnosed with eczema and headaches due to bad odors coming from outside their houses. Some go through constipation due to constantly trying not to breath whenever doors or windows are opened.

Carbon air filters reduce contamination of the air for sure.

We have Activated Carbon Technology Air Purifiers researched, reviewed and compared for you convenience. DO go through them.

This is Perfect Article. Exactly what I wanted to know about AP for my new house. Thank you for providing this guide. I have suggested few of my friends also to go through this article before they buy new one.
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