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About Us

Vid air guides specialises in providing overall information first about Air Purifiers and then help everyone in choosing the Air Purifiers according to their own respective needs. If you read carefully we have studied all the filters carefully and then as per specific needs we have segregated them into different categories. Their are different Air Purifiers for different needs.

A Person with Asthma will not be benefited by buying a Purifier meant for mold and vice versa. So once you go through the Knowledge section of Our Site, you will be in position to take right decision in buying right kind of Air Purifier for Right Purpose.

The main vision behind this site is to promote healthy living in closed spaces. With the growing industrialization global warming and humidity a man deserves some pure air in the spaces where he spends most of his time. The growing rate of Asthma and allergies is enough a proof for dire need of Air Purifiers. And if you research yourself too, you will find Air Purifiers has been an immense help in relief towards Asthma and seasonal allergies. We have collated this data in front of you, after meeting experts. Our Research team specializes in taking surveys and then presenting the data for the benefit of People.

If by this site, even one person is able to overcome health problems he or she is going through then we would consider our vision has been successful. This is a small step we are taking towards making world a better place and if you find this useful, if you feel that our efforts are genuine, kindly write us a testimonial. Every living being needs motivation to do good.

Team Vidairguides wishes you an immensely healthy and hearty life

Team Vidairguides